Who doesn’t like attention? Everyone likes to be surrounded by family members caring about everything one does or goes through.

Living with siblings is fun but sometimes you have to bear the brunt of being the middle child, a child who gets neglected when parents care about their first born and the youngest, for the first child is, of course, the first and the youngest is too young to care about himself.

It hurts, it seriously does!

Being a middle child in a desi family can be a real struggle and sometimes it continues for a very long period of time.

In my eyes, these are the things you have to go through if you’re the “middle” child.


You were getting used to all the affection but suddenly your newly born sibling steals it and you know you are no longer the dearest.



New clothes? Are you kidding me? Your wardrobe will be full of your elder sibling’s clothes. You can only be lucky if the elder one is of a different gender.



To stand out in the family, you have to work harder to compete with your elder sibling and to set a good example for the younger one.



You are always identified by your elder sibling’s name and you can’t help it.



Oh well, you have to follow the footsteps of your elder sibling, if not then get ready to be called “BADTAMEEZ”.

Let us know if you been through any of these things in the comments section below.

Gulmeena Hamid is a media studies student and associated with ARY digital. She is an emerging blogger.



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