Things only BFFs will get!

Be it a Fashion designer, a hair stylist, a makeup artist or a counselor, for you your best friend is the solution to all your problems. She is the one who you have on your fingertips to answer from a normal query to the most weird question, she’s the one telling you that you are turning fat and that Red doesn’t suit you. She’s the one who in your sad moments tells you to have an ice-cream and let it go.

Without these super amazing friends who would we share our Kitkat and maggi with and text in middle of the lectures that make us bored. They are a treasure to us and we love sharing every moment of life with them.

We all have such BFF’s in our life and here’s we have bring together a few things which you can relate with you BFF just like we do:

1- Updating every hangout on social media is a must:

It’s a mutual practice to upload every moment of fun and togetherness on social media , not a single moment should be left. Sometimes this is to tease other friends as well, isn’t it guys?


2- Twinning on every important event:

We are sure to match our dress colour’s with our BFF’s , it just comes to us a compulsory thing and we love doing that. This reminds me that I am short of maroon dresses and i should buy one before the next party!


3- They never judge you!

The best part of having a BFF is that they never judge you for anything you do or say, be it the most weird talk ever but you are comfortable uttering anything in front of them.


4- BFF’s are constant in all your photos:

My main, my love, my constant are the commonly used captions or hashtags you tend to use., and your bestfriend is sure to be a part of all your photos and you are actually not allowed to take any picture without them.


5- Gossiping is their all time favorite thing to do!

How can a day be completed without sharing everything with your BFF, those texts and calls at the end of the day are must.


6- You become a part of the family:

Your parents and the whole family considers your BFF as a family and same goes with you at their house. Night stays, movies and munching is an everything plan.


Do all this happens with you and your BFF too?? Tag your BFF and let us know your favourite memories!!



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