This Chaai Waala Is The Latest Hot-Tea Or Hottie?

A man who greets you early morning with a hot cup of tea are impossible to find. The gesture is probably one of the most romantic things a guy can do. Well, when Jiah Ali clicked the picture of this handsome chai wala in Islamabad, it took the internet by storm and guess what those men exist! ( No we’re not asking you to marry him, but can we have more of such striking men?) A flood of tweets and Instagram posts were all over the social media and there’s no doubt that men and women begin drooling over this load of hotness!

Social media never fails to astonish us, the reaction of people to this handsome hunk with big green green eyes and flawless features  were beyond hilarious! If you’d like to roll on the floor laughing, have a look at these and you’ll thank us later.

Coffee With Karan? Nah, we’ll opt for the chaai please! 

Did you like the 50 shades of Grey? You’ll love the 50 shades of this chaai wala.

Why not just drag the Indo-Pak war into this? Taking the memes too far aren’t we?

Much love for Momina Mustehsan? Thought so.

Another post by Jiah Ali of this cutie on her Instagram.


#chaiwala Ladies I found him!

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