This Is What Our Celebrities Have Fallen In love With!

Every day we come across new things that we fall in love with, pets, movies, shopping, latest trends etc. There’s not a single day that we won’t find something new to like or least of all appreciate, it could be a song or a shade of new lipstick. These celebrities have found their ‘new love’ in these things. Have a look.

1. We can judge the heart of someone by the their treatment of animals, and without a doubt these celebs adore their pets. Aren’t they just super cute?

2.The rage of this new app Prisma is trending these days, and apparently our cuties seem to fall in love with it.No doubt they look fabulous with all kinds of poses and smirks.

3. Do you want the puppy look or just a tiara? These celebs tend to go over board while the are crushing on snapchat super badly! Whether it’s Fawwad Khan or Sanam Saeed, they all seem to love snapchat as much as we do.

4. If in doubt, just pout! It’s not just women who love pouting, men do it all the time too, either these handsome hunks are trying to pose or proving it to us that they can do well with pulling a great face!

However it’s not like the pout has gone out of fashion for women, they would pucker up and click away any time of the day.

5. So we talked about all Indian and Pakistani celebrities, why should we forget about our Hollywood favorites? These beautiful girls know very well how to pull off mermaid hair and give massive hair goals! Would you try these?


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