Twitter reaction on 2017 is the best thing you’ll see today

While we say good riddance to 2016, we hope the new years brings all the good. There’s no doubt that 2016 was a year that came with it’s highs and lows. It did take too much in terms of unexpected deaths, but was fruitful to some extent. Now in 2017 we all have our fingers crossed!

New Year’s call for resolutions, celebrations and festivity. The hashtag #Iwish2017 and #2017in3words began trending yesterday and believe us when we say that we can relate! Not only these tweets will crack you up but you’ll go like ‘oh yeah i need that’ or ‘this needs to be done.’ Scroll down to have a look!

Story of my life


Our Pakistanis had their own share of wishes



Though some of these cracked us up, others did make sense. What’s your 2017 wish?

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