Exclusive Videos: Celebrities Set Resolutions To Make Pakistan Prosper!

After 72 years of independence, Pakistan still faces a potpourri of challenges and exhibiting obliviousness towards them will surely not solve them. Illiteracy, inappropriate health care, poverty, inflation, power and water shortage, and pollution are consistently undermining Pakistan’s stability and development. It is not mandatory to possess power if you want to do anything for your country, it is just a matter of willingness and passion, that can bring about an evident, long-lasting, positive change in the country.

On the occasion of the 72nd independence day of Pakistan, we reached out to various celebrities, asking them to tell just one thing they are planning to do for the country in order to make a bit better than it was a year ago, for their little pledge can ignite enthusiasm and patriotism in their countless fans.

Our very own and hands down very ‘Khoobsurat’, Ayesha Omer pledges to gather all plastic bottles from her home, her friends’ home and from everywhere she can to ensure that they are reused afterward because plastic waste causes a lot of hassle for the sea creatures to survive.

Our favorite actor from Khasara, Junaid Khan, talks about his band’s initiative to make Pakistan green. Just like Iqrar-ul-Hassan, Junaid also plans to have trees all across the country to curb the ongoing wave of global warming and species endangering.

The lead protagonist of the highly anticipated JPNA2, Kubra Khan talks about her pledge to “Plant trees like everyone is doing,” so that she can become a part of Pakistan’s development.

The gorgeous, Zhalay Sarhadi sheds light on one of the most harrowing issues our country is facing, Pollution. The prima donna further promises to make conscious efforts to throw the waste in designated trashcans, in lieu of throwing the garbage out of car anywhere.

The stunning, Mawra Hocane says, “Naya Pakistan is here but we need people to change themselves to bring an overall change in the country.” She asks her fans and followers to begin this change simply by keeping the country clean.

Being one of the finest Vjs Pakistan ever produced, the classy, Faizan Haqqee says that he will do anything, including sacrificing his life for the country. He promises to produce a documentary depicting Pakistan’s history and the resources we possess.

This immensely talented young lad, Asim Mehmood vows to keep his neighborhood clean, just like he keeps his home clean, for a cleaner and better Pakistan.

Our very own, Ayaz Samoo pledges to plant trees for a greener Pakistan, along with his spouse and his mother. He says, “Now is the need of this gift to our country, Pakistan, because we are already in the midst of an elevated global warming, resulting in scarcity of rain in the region.”

The ultimate Junooni, Salman Ahmed pledges and asks his fans to pledge that they will follow the golden lines of the well-acclaimed, Allama Iqbal, on achieving a place in life where the God will ask the human about what does he wish for.

Our favorite actor and host, Faysal Quraishi, in a tweet, promises to plant trees for the country, making it healthier and greener.

We are certain that the entire Pakistani populace will jump on the bandwagon of making Pakistan prosper and flourish.

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