Visaal-The Assemblage Of Climax And Revenge

Well-acclaimed drama produced by Big Bang Entertainment, under the banner of ARY Digital is garnering exceptional praise with each broadcasting episode. The drama is binge-watched by ample people because it depicts a middle-class neighborhood to which the majority of Pakistani populace can actually relate to. ARY Digital has aired just the 10th episode of Visaal last night and it has already given goosebumps to all its spectators.

The collection of climax and emotions’ roller coaster ride has gotten eyes of all the viewers glued to their television sets resulting in an overwhelming TRP, capping all the graphs with an absolute ace. The drama revolves around two childhood friends; Pari and Naheed and their love for each other which further transforms into envy and jealousness, resulting in major mishaps for both Pari and Naheed.

VisaalVisaal also has Akram, a con, who has migrated to the neighborhood disguised as a decent man after getting freed from the prison. To display a decent character, he spends time in the mosque and become friends with Molvi Sahab and other people in the mosque. Akram sees Pari upon his arrival at Molvi Sahab’s home and couldn’t resist himself from falling in love with her at the very first sight. Molvi Sahab says, “She’s my child.” The motto of his stay in the neighborhood becomes Pari and he puts all his efforts to be able to talk to her.

VisaalOn the other hand, Pari’s dad, Shabbir, goes to a protest along with other employees but the officer, Taimur, gets him beaten with the help of the police. In order to pay some respect, he goes to his house to apologize for the clash. While he sits there, Pari comes and starts bashing him for wounding her father. As a compensation, he invites them to his house for a meal and they take Naheed and Bua with them. Naheed, who has always been so passionate about marrying someone rich, gets numb when she sees his grand home.

VisaalNaheed finds his number and calls him in order to break the ice but to her surprise, he has been in love with Pari and preferred talking about her in spite of talking to Naheed. Naheed hangs up the call and decides to defame her supposed best friend, Pari. She sets a meeting of Taimur with Pari by writing a fake letter to Taimur, asking him to come to Pari’s home. He goes to meet Pari and she locks the door from outside. People get furious and bash Taimur and Pari of being immoral. Pari’s father feels helpless and locks himself at home to avoid any sort of interaction with people.

VisaalAkram’s right-hand tells him that the name of Molvi Shab’s daughter is Naheed and he confuses Pari with Naheed. Being extensively polite towards Molvi Sahab and others, Naheed’s proposal lands to Akram which occurs as a blessing for him, since this is what he always wanted. Akram agrees and calls over his friends in his hometown disguised as his brother and his brother’s wife.

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Sorrowed, broken-hearted and shattered Pari misses Naheed’s wedding events. Because of the scandal, Taimur is sent to Islamabad but he writes a letter for Pari’s father, telling him that his daughter is innocent but it lands to Pari with the help of Naheed who is utterly ashamed for whatever she has done.

visaalAkram gets astounded when he sees his bride for the first time after the wedding thinking it to be Pari for the entire time. Akram asks Naheed to invite all her best friends to the Valima with an intention to know more about Pari somehow. On the other hand, Pari’s father decides to retain his job but gets himself in a fight at the workplace. On the next day, Pari and her father decide to go and meet Naheed but in their way, a group of thugs attacks Pari’s father, stabbing him. Pari runs haphazardly in order to get some help and she finds Akram. She tries to drag Akram but he happens to be in a state of euphoria when she holds his hand to take him along.

They take Pari’s father to a hospital but Akram is trying his hard to get to talk to Pari by any possible way. On the other hand, Naheed is all guilty when she comes to know that the attackers first spoke ill about Pari’s character, before stabbing her father.

VisaalWith all this being said, we are uber excited for the eleventh episode of Visaal. This drama has hands down become our favorite these days for a very extraordinary storyline and the presence of exceptional thespians.

You can keep up with the drama here.

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