Waada – How Will Jaana Wrap Shahab Around Her Fingers?

The second episode of Waada begins with Rehmat Bua tripping and hurting herself which makes her impossible to work, a wedding is right around the corner and the entire house is worried about a maid who will be a helping hand.

Jaana on the other hand is a complete gold digger who would want to marry a rich man in the city, her mother Rehmat is worried about her life. She is a pain for her mother and does nothing but get on ones nerves.

Furthermore, we see how perfect ‘ghareloo’ daughter in law Sumeira is. Another cherry on top is that Jaana arrives at Sumaira’s house to work as a replacement of Rehmat. Looks like she has some evil ideas popping in her head. She did give Shahab a weird look with a smirk.

It appears that Jaana is little too into Shahab, and intends to rule the entire bungalow. Moreover, Shahab is head over heels in love with his wife and plans another baby with her. Will this planning last long? How will Jaana succeed in her future where she sees herself as Mrs. Shahab.

To find out all the answers don’t miss out on Waada only on ARY Digital on Wednesdays at 8.00 pm.


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