Wasim and Shaniera Akram Sizzle In Salman Ahmed’s Upcoming Music Video


The latest news that has caught our attention was the 25th anniversary of the Junoon Band, Salman Ahmed is to release his latest track called ‘Dur Bohat Dur’ which is directed by Humza Yousaf and guess who’s the star couple in the video? The legend Wasim Akram and the goddess of beauty Shaniera Akram.

The two have outdone themselves. The song basically flaunts the diversity of our day to day lives and how we actually deal with them. Wasim Akram and his better half Shaniera look downright stunning in the music video. This would be Shaniera’s debut on screen and we’re not making up the stories but the woman has set the video on fire! This couple have never fell behind with their charity events or being in limelight with attending all kinds of fashion events. The paparazzi loves the duo.

Check out these amazing shots from the video and you’ll be surprised how the chemistry between the two is flawless. They say the older the wine the better it is, this pair is certainly like that wine.





The Junoon singer has been working on his new album lately called ‘Junoon 25’ marking the band’s 25th anniversary. Even though the single remaining person in the band, the singer still goes by the band’s former name.


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