Watch Loose Talk all over again

One of the most popular and the most humorous show of its time that had the masses hooked to the TV screens was hosted by the fallen legend Moeen Akhtar and the renowned Anwar Maqsood. The two practically set the stage on fire whenever the show went on air. Talking about the most random things, these two would create a magic and lighten up your mood.

Loose Talk was and still the most loved talk show where Moeen Akhtar would literally mimic any character, from Saddam Hussain to cable operator, to Shahid Afridi, dulha and Sushma Siraj – he and Anwar Maqsood would have a chat over the current events and mesmerize the entire audience.

The show aired on ARY Digital in 2005 and had over 400 episodes, their team was remarkable. If you actually miss the show and want to hear out all these two ‘talking lose’, then you must watch the talk show! This will certainly give you laughing fits and we promise you’ll thank us.

Have a look at these clips and decide for yourself that why won’t you watch Loose Talk again:

Watch all the episodes of Loose Talk online, it’s just a click away!

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