What will happen next in Rung Laaga?


There are different people in the world and everyone has their own story, it seems right to the one facing it but people keep raising their thoughts on the opposite person. Aashiq is very Aashiqana by nature and he is every woman’s man. He gets attracted to different color of life in the form of women and this is a natural phenomena in him.

Aashiq has already married twice with Shahnaz and Rizwana but he falls in love for the third time and gets married to Laila. It is very difficult for him to handle the three wives together and he goes through a tough time. Aashiq already had children from Shahnaz and Rizwana recently gave birth to a baby boy and in all this Laila is jealous thinking of what to do next.

In the upcoming promo of Rung Laaga episode 25 we see that Laila is completely jealous of Rizwana and is continuously nagging Aashiq about her insecurity. Then Laila gets admitted in the hospital due to pain and the doctor suggests to go through an operation.

The promo ends with a twist showing that Aashiq looks at this veiled lady but we don’t know who is she and what is going to happen next.

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