Why Mohe Piya Rung Laaga Is A Must Watch?

When two people who despise each other are tied down in a relationship, life becomes very difficult for them to live together. The faith of  Sikandar and Norin was something like this, strangers who coincidentally came across and constantly end up fighting with each other but ultimately they tied the knot.

The story revolves around this couple who goes through all the ups and downs of their married life and yet tries to cope up with them, the character of Norin is very patient and compromising. Even though Norin and Sikandar’s marriage was something that they didn’t want to happen, they still ended up loving each other and taking care of each other.

We see how Sikandar’s sister-in-law; being the most negative character of the family tries her best to sabotage their relationship and be in command of Sikandar’s life. Our society sometimes portray a very negative aspect, that involves the ‘daughter in law’ Being the main target all the times which is wrong.

After tolerating so much Norin earns the love and respect of the entire family. We learn from this Drama that no matter what – a husband should support his wife and be by her side, a wife should have patience and a family must not take an advantage of a girl who has been married in their family. Love the girl and treat her like your own as she is someone’s daughter too. Compromises eventually lead to a happy life which is what exactly happened to Norin and Sikandar which is exactly what happened at the end with Sikandar and Noreen, who have a baby boy and their life finds the perfect meaning.

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