Will Adil’s aggression even the scores between Asad and Farah’s situation?

A twist occurred when Meher Bano and Amna got involved in a tussle as the two sisters were shocked by their children’s decision as Asad finally decided to marry Lubna and wanted to spend his entire life with her instead Farah’s. His decision made Amna and her daughter jolted to the extreme and made such a mess in their lives that Amna and Meher Bano resented at its level. On the other hand Meher Bano wants her son to be happy after all it was all about her child’s happiness and contentment that she has to bow down infront of his will and agreed to approve Lubna as her daughter in law. Now the story has captivated our minds by bringing a detour as Adil is infuriated to the extreme and did not want his sister to suffer more infact wanted to take revenge from Asad of manipulating Farah’s feeling.

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So there was a commotion and family riot between two sisters and their children. In this episode we saw Asad and Lubna’s dholki function and Meher Bano invited her sister aswell, but Amna did not consider it suitable to pay a visit at the wedding programs , however Farah attended the function when she gathered herself , put on a mask of happiness and confronted her terrors. It was difficult for her to see Asad getting married to another girl as it was equals to the bitter sip she has to drink. Adil is unable to take this humiliation as he has a beef with Asad from the very beginning due to his success and in a young age Asad has achieved alot of things, whereas Adil is a struggler and does not work instead depends on his mother’s income.


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Aiman Khan has improved her acting skills very beautifully and has done the justice with the character by putting her seem efforts. The tempo of the drama is suitable and does not make the audience drown in boredom.

Will Adil’s aggression even the scores between Asad and Farah’s situation?
Will Amna ever accept Lubna and Asad’s marriage?
Will Farah be able to forget the trauma she is going through presently?

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