Will Adil’s mother confess the truth about his sins?

It’s no surprise that Adil has made Tooba’s life a living hell and continues to do so, after everything that has happened – Tooba’s father finally has a thought of involving the police. However, who can deny that our society will never accept Tooba as that ‘innocent girl’ and would blame and judge her. The entire family knows that Adil should be thrown behind the bars.

The word should be out! The fear of our society and their constant criticism shouldn’t hinder from justice being served. Faiz pops up an idea of discussing with Omaitr that how Tooba was that target and he should side her rather than supporting his devil brother in law.

Furthermore, Adil’s fake tale about Yousuf was believed by Faiz. The man has taken over the minds of several people. Shouldn’t Geeti’s murderer be serving his time? Or Shouldn’t a major action be taken against Adil?

Now that Omair has realized that his wife just might be right about her being mistreated and he loves her helplessly, he only worries about his sister and the society. It’s clear that once the FIR is registered against Adil, the entire truth will be revealed,  Omair’s mother over hears Adil conversing with his father and knew that something is fishy.

Ghayal has now reached to the point where the entire audience is engrossed in the plot as it moves further, why should a woman be shut solely because she was assaulted? Tooba should’ve raised her voice and thrown Adil behind the bars, her silence encouraged him. What will happen now? Will Adil’s murder and sins be revealed? His mother is well aware of his actions, the cherry on top would be if she actually puts her son behind bars to rot! Will Omair be able to accept Tooba?

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