Will Ghaziyan Fight For His One True Love?

Moray Saiyan is a slow paced romantic drama that has got many hooked to their seats with the curiosity of what’s coming next. Uzair Jaswal fans are certainly glad that this hunk has opted for an acting career too.

Ghaziyan’s affection for for Zubaria is endless and he’s clearly head over heels in love with her, but the fact that she just doesn’t take a step forward is really annoying! These two should be together and actually stand up for this relationship. Zubaria on the other hand is well aware of Zakia and her nature, she knows how Zakia will never let Ghaziyan marry her because of the family differences.



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Gul Bibi however, knows what Ghaziyan feels for Zubaria but she has warned him for the circumstances that he’s going to have to face if he goes against Zakia and not marry Nimra. The hatred between these families is causing Ghaziyan the biggest heartache ever. The good thing about him is that he won’t give up or even take step back, the man knows what he wants – and its Zubaria!

Nimra on the other hand is extremely upset about the fact that her one true love is just drifting apart from her and it’s obvious that she will react the way she is reacting right now. Do you think Ghaziyan is being unfair to her? He already knew about his and Nimra’s wedding, would it be understandable if he leaves her now?

Ghaziyan finally told his father about Zubaria and how it would be unfair to Nimra if he marries her, his father’s furious reaction was expected as he knows that there will be a chaos once Zakia finds out about this entire scenario. Will Ghaziyan take a stand and marry Zubaria? When will she finally cave in front of his true love? How will Zakia react once she finds out about Ghaziyan’s intentions? Will these families ever unite again?

You have to watch the next episode of Moray Saiyan only on ARY Digital on Tuesdays at 8.00 pm to find out the answers.


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