Will Sumera have a healthy baby or lose her chances of survival?

After the pain that caused Sumera to be taken to hospital, Shahab couldn’t be any more worried. His love for Sumera is true and he knows well how to show it. Sumera’s condition was worse which is why the doctor came to a conclusion that she has to rest 24/7 after her condition is stable. Her pregnancy caused her a to be a slave to bed.

Jaana on the other hand seems content about the fact that Sumera is hospitalized, to be honest I believe the juice has done its magic, this all maybe Jaana’s trick to poison Sumera via the juices. She has her own plotting to be Shahab’s wife and become the owner of his house. Even Sumera felt neglected after everyone had Jaana’s name on the tip of their tongues. Though she’s a maid, she’s making herself a need.

Moreover, the part when Jaana took an ‘extra’ care of Shahab when he comes home was beyond inappropriate, she’s had no right to be extra chummy with him. The drama was slightly slow when it started but now it has certainly picked up some pace. Will Jaana succeed in her evil mission? Looks like she has her hands full with countless plans.

After Sumera was strictly told to be in bed, the entire house is busy keeping her healthy. Will Sumera fall sick again? Looks like Jaana really wants Shahab which is why she looks for excuses to be around him day and night. How can someone be this cheap? Do you think she’ll win him over? Will Sumera be able to protect her home? Is her baby going to be healthy or will Jaana attempt another attack?

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