Are the tables about to turn in Dunk?

Are the days when Amal would belittle or accuse anyone she wants, over? For the love of Haider, she accuses Prof. Humayun of misconduct, which literally took the educator’s life in Dunk. However, when Haider comes to know of the truth, he calls off his wedding with Amal. To everyone’s surprise, Amal agrees to marry Safeer, because it deemed an opportunity for Amal to take her revenge.

Little did Haider know she is about to play the best yet messiest game of her life. Amal not only makes a soft corner for Haider in Minal’s heart but also convinces her to marry him out of sympathy. Moreover, soon after the nuptials, Amal confesses to Haider, about her role in getting Minal to marry him.

In a strange turn of events, Amal purposely stays home while everyone is gone, just to falsely accuse Haider like she accused Prof. Humayun. As a result, Haider’s father kicks him out of the house and denounces him as a family member. Moreover, Safeer gets him arrested for attempting to force himself on Amal. Not only his father and brother, his better half also accepts Amal’s version of the incident.

However, in the recent episodes, Prof. Humayun’s widow, Saira bails Haider out and goes to Minal to confront her and give her a reality check. Minal returns to Haider to reaffirm her faith and love. She is steadfast in her belief that Amal will pay for her sins. Towards the end of the latest episode, Haider says he can solve the case in the blink of an eye but his mother had asked him not to.

Well, in the teaser of the upcoming episode, Haider’s mother, like a lioness, roars and asks him to embark on the war and fight, even if the opponent is his father, his brother, or an outsider (read: Amal).

How do you think will the drama unfold? Will Amal give up easily? Will Haider prove his innocence? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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