Will Zeb Ever Going To Cope The Trauma Of Her Broken Marriage?

Drama serial “Mere Humnawa” written by Rahat Jabeen and directed by Abdullah Badini is based on a love and revenge plot. It has a combination of ill-fated Zeb that suffers throughout the times , Ahmed has divorced Zeb as he suspected her to be in relationship with her cousin Haris, after all that he has been through Haris is still in love with Zeb and is ready to accept her with her son .

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The episode revealed the sense of defeat and humiliation that Ahmed is facing at the moment as he has been suspicious of Zeb & Haris’s relationship whereas Zeb is committed to her husband and never endorsed Haris’s feelings for her. Ahmed remarried to Naima and the most catchy scene appeared when Ahmed tried to smother Naima as he was hallucinating her as Zeb. This made Naima agonized and her frenzy begins,  she repeatedly makes Ahmed uneasy of discussing Zeb and displaying her anger towards her existence in the room that she shared.

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Will Zeb handle the pressure of all the odd talks that her relatives are making?

Will Ahmed sustains his marriage with Naima?

Will Naima accepts her spot as a second wife?


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