All the winners of ARY Digital Social Media Awards 2018!

Last year had been a juxtaposition of laughter and sorrow and it could be seen through the dramas that were presented on ARY Digital. As we always bring nothing but the best for our viewers, it is our prime responsibility to ask our audiences about their feedback too.

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As the sun of 2019 was rising, we created an online poll with different categories having a few A-list names as the nominees. The categories included best actor male and female for soaps and dramas along with the best male and female actors in supporting and negative roles. The poll not only shed light on actors, but it also incorporated categories for writers, directors, and musicians.

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In a span of just twenty days, more than 115,000 people have come forward to vote for their favorite actors, dramas, writers, and OSTs. Starting off the results with a lighter note, people have voted Shahroze Sabzwari’s Ghar Jamai as their favorite sitcom.

Coming to the talent that has shown unprecedented acting, the gorgeous Areeba Habib and the dapper Wahaj Ali have won best newcomers’ award for Koi Chand Rakh and Haiwan respectively.

We’ve asked people about their favorite OST and notwithstanding some really surreal songs in the nominees, Dil Mom Ka Diya, intoned by Adnan Dhool and Sanam Marvi has won after a very tough competition.

Out of immensely talented artistes, people have voted the stunning, Kiran Tabeer for Meri Baji and the suave, Ali Ansari for Bubli Kya Chahti Hai as their favorite soap actors. Meanwhile, Meri Baji has been voted as ARY Digital’s most favorite soup.

A few of ARY Digital dramas had child artists who have reaffirmed our beliefs that the drama industry of Pakistan will surely have a bright future. Our audiences have chosen Areesha Ahsan for the flamboyant portrayal of Masooma in Haiwan.

For any actor, the successful depiction of a villain happens to be his/her magnum opus. With no doubts, the powerhouse of talent, Mohsin Abbas Haider has won the accolade for the best actor in a negative role for his intense and spine-chilling display of Dabeer in Meri Guriya.

Meanwhile, the veteran actress, Asma Abbas becomes people’s favorite actor in a negative role for her flamboyant acting in Khud Parast.

Apart from highly skillful actors, a successful drama comprises of some powerful dialogues. Saira Raza proves to be the best scriptwriter for Dil Mom Ka Diya.

The viewers of dramas that are being aired on ARY Digital can aptly fathom the significance of supporting actors. The handsome, Muneeb Butt wins for Koi Chand Rakh while the legendary Samina Peerzada takes the acting boundaries to a whole new level with Balaa.

The cuties, Aiman Khan and Affan Waheed are crowned as the best on-screen couple by the people and we are not surprised. Be it love or hatred, they complemented each other in every episode of Bay Dardi.

Our drama viewers from across the world have voted for Koi Chand Rakh as their favorite drama on ARY Digital for the entire 2018. Also, Shahid Shafaat has directed the drama with absolute mastery, becoming the best director for Dil Mom Ka Diya.

If you ever come across the word Balaa, won’t Bilal Abbas Khan be the first thing that will come into your mind? He has proven to be the next big thing in Pakistani drama scene for depicting a happy go lucky guy and a person longing for revenge in a single drama. The king of versatility is our audiences’ most favorite actor for all the right reasons.

Dil Mom Ka Diya could be the best drama of 2018 but one of the most pivotal reasons for its success is hands down, Ulfat and the way she had carried herself throughout the drama. From a carefree, selfish girl, to a responsible adult who took care of her ailing husband, the gorgeous, Neelum Muneer has done justice to Ulfat and we’re certain you could not agree more.

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners of 2018’s Social Media Awards. With all this being said, we are looking forward to a plethora of more immersive dramas in 2019.

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