From Pukaar, To Visaal, To Reality, Zahid Ahmed Is The Undisputed King!

The name Zahid Ahmed is not new to the populace who binge-watches Pakistani dramas. Zahid is all about an amalgam of super-chic personality, suave looks and flamboyant acting skills. ARY Digital’s Besharam happens to be one of the most pivotal dramas he has ever worked in. Albeit working with various top-notch artistes like Saba Qamar, Sunita Marshall, and others, he has maintained his A-game throughout all these dramas including Pukaar and Visaal, accumulating praise that is not just confined to the country, his work is well-celebrated in other parts of the world as well.

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We see actors working day and night to attain a flabbergasting final product, that they often end up giving little time to their family. In spite of being one of the most phenomenal and probably, busy actors, Zahid gives an adequate amount of quality time to his family to make sure he’s amazing, even when he’s not being recorded. The amount of love he possesses for his family can easily be deciphered through the posts on his Instagram account.

His stance about being a family man is so strong that you’ll forget him being the antagonist in Visaal and will end up loving him. The actor shares this photo with his better half and his child, sitting on a rock in the midst of Do Darya.

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Be a real man…be with your family #zahidahmed

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Even at the wedding of his cousins, he would not only stand amid family, he would also post a photo delineating him and his close ones.

Unarguably, this is the best thing a father would say for his children. Just imagine these cuties growing up and reading this all over again.

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The richest man in the world. #zahidahmed #ZaviyarZahid #zayanZahid

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Start your day with love πŸ™‚ #zahidahmed #zayanzahid

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Lifelines. MashAllah! #zahidahmed #piecesofmyheart

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When he is not working, he’s actually traveling with his adorable little family. Have a look at all these family members, donned in gorgeous traditional attires.

The epitome of grace proves to be not only a friendly father but an immensely doting and responsible one too. He posts a photo of his literal “prayer buddies” and this is undoubtedly the best thing you will see all day.

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My prayer mates ????????

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On the instance of Eid, he wishes his fans through Instagram, sprinkling positivity along with an abundance of charm. Donned in Burgundy, he looks sharp with all other family members looking awesome too.

Zahid has three things that stay with him wherever he goes; his captivating looks, his extraordinary acting and his subtle wit. Here, he posts a photo with his wife from, apparently a wedding, asking his fans to say “Mashallah” in a fun way.

He says, “Possible definition of Daddy Cool” and we absolutely agree. Hold your horses, ladies in Toronto! Don’t disturb this super-cool dad!

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Possible definition of Daddy Cool. #zahidahmed #canada

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In the midst of the Niagara Falls, he wishes Eid to all his fans and friends along with his cute little family.

Had you been thinking that it’s just his family who’s getting all his love, you might think again. His mother-in-law is undisputedly the happiest mother-in-law in the entire world.

We are certain that the protagonist will never cease to make more fans with each passing minute, for his ethereal acting and outstanding personality. More power to you, Zahid Ahmed!

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