Zayn Malik will be Seen Singing ‘Urdu’ Qawwalis!

Well-known for his astounding music and natty attire, the British-American singer, Zayn Malik, literally proved that there are no barriers of language when it comes to music.

“It’s one of the first songs I’ve sung in full Hindi, so it’s going to be cool to see what the response to that is.” Heartthrob said in an interview.

His love for Bollywood made him come all the way to work with the maestro AR Rehman and produce stunning music for a Bollywood movie.

The singer also mentioned his meeting with Shah Rukh Khan and said, “I personally wasn’t a huge fan until I met him. I realized how humble he is. Really showed a different side to him. He always came across as slightly arrogant in the movies to me, but when I met him in real life, he was so nice. He just completely changed my opinion of him.” Shah Rukh Khan also showed his utmost admiration for Zayn on Twitter.

The former One Direction vocalist intends to produce an album which will flaunt his ‘Urdu’ game through it. “There’s definitely a lot of Urdu; some nice Qawwali sounds. There might even be some Bhangra vibes,” he told.

This might be one of the most anticipated album of his whole career as he has got an abundance of fans in the region.

Are you excited for the album?

Let us know your favorite Zayn Malik song in the comments below.

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