Abdullah Farhatullah pays homage to legendary Qavi Khan with a sweet gesture

Known as Luqman, the handsome, Abdullah Farhatullah is winning innumerable hearts with his spectacular performance in ARY Digital’s visual delight, Prem Gali, which airs every Monday at 8:00 PM. He is in as a widower, whose spouse passed away on the wedding evening because she loved someone else.

Abdullah took to Facebook to pay homage to his co-actor and one of the living legends, Qavi Khan for his services to the Pakistani entertainment scene for as many as seven decades.

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He wrote, “Qavi sb is huge. Qavi sb is humongous Qavi sb is not an actor, Qavi sb is ACTING, personified. He has given 72 years to acting. SEVENTY TWO. Yes. He started as a child star on Radio. That is a life time.”

He went on to say how the veteran actor deserved a title on the Hall of Fame and he managed to get one for Qavi Sahab, “I feel he deserves a tile on Hollywood Walk of Fame (or something equivalent anywhere in the world). I don’t know how Hollywood walas arrive at such decisions but I arrived at this pretty easily.”

“He has given 72 years to acting and excelled at it. Simple. Radio, Theatre, Film, television, acting, production, direction, he has done it all. It was an absolute pleasure that I played his son in Prem Gali. I have never seen such a hardworking, dedicated and patient man ever,” Abdullah Farhatullah describes his experience working with Qavi Khan in Prem Gali.

Lastly, he called his on-screen father an institution, and soon, the post was filled with sheer respect and absolute love from fellow actors and other celebrities.

Qavi KhanHere’s wishing the legendary Qavi Khan, a life filled with health and contentment galore. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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