Abhan is the bird in a Pinjra (cage) which is not just confined to his home

Sometimes all you need is a person who will come to you and say, “It’s going to be all right” just like Javed Rehman’s house help, when Khadija snatches away the mug with ground coffee and starts to whisk it, shattered with anger, agony, frustration, and pain, so much so that she breaks it, in the latest episode of Pinjra.

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Having ordered Abhan to go to the boarding school, Javed refuses to listen to anybody on this topic. Poor Khadija, who has been trying her hardest to be the perfect wife, and the perfect mother, cannot even vent out her exhaustion. She often spends her entire day completing chores, sobbing in loneliness.

Another person to sob, is Abhan, who, albeit being just a kid, is leaving his family for boarding school. He is not only humiliated by his parents but is also ignored at the dinner table. His father asks the other family members to not insist the youngest child of the family have food and rather let him sleep hungry.

Sure, Javed goes to Abhan’s room, but to only make sure he conveys the message loud and clear; The message that he is going to boarding school no matter what. The last scene shows Abhan looking out for a knife.

What do you think of Javed’s standards of discipline and his perception of a perfect family? How do you think will the story of Pinjra unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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