Pinjra — The pressure & prejudice children go through

It’s important to communicate with your child, to talk to your child, and understand your child at every cost.

Pinjra is an exceptional drama with a story that discusses the idea of sibling rivalry and mistrust between parents and their children.

Khadija’s family is on the brink of falling apart, yet she is unable to look through the arising problem that can be disastrous for her entire family. As the lack of understanding deepens, difficulties worsen.

Hadiqa Kiani as Khadija Fatima is an educated housewife and a mother of three, who wants all her children to be equally best, without understanding their uniqueness as a being.

Omair Rana as Javed Rehman is the Senior Manager in a multinational firm and Khadija’s husband, who is equally strict with his children.

Sunita Marshall as Wajiha is Khadija’s childhood friend, a divorcee, and a mother of two; who is an air hostess by profession. She is the only one who understands children and their needs.

Aashir Wajahat as Azaan is the eldest and the brightest child of Khadija and Javed. Probably the only member of the family who understands his brother Abaan.

Ahmed Usman as Abaan is the youngest and the most sensitive child. Abaan is not good at traditional curriculum but is interested in arts. He finds his comparison with his elder brother extremely suffocating.

Aina Asif as Abeer is the middle child of the family who is fed up with her parents’ strict watch and thinks that it’s only because she’s a girl.

Zuhab Khan as Fardaan and Emaan Khan as Dua are Wajiha’s children who are friends with Abaan. They appreciate his artsy nature and talents.

When comparisons replace individual attention; strictness replaces care. Love and care in a family assure consistent and long-term growth.

Written By: Asma Nabeel

Directed By: Najaf Bilgrami


  • Hadiqa Kiani
  • Omair Rana
  • Sunita Marshall
  • Furqan Qureshi
  • Aashir Wajahat
  • Zuhab Khan
  • Emaan Khan
  • Aina Asif
  • Ahmed Usman
  • Fareeha Jabeen

Pinjra will air every Thursday at 08:00 PM, on ARY Digital. The drama is starting on 6th October with a double episode.

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