Mere Hamsafar leaves fans in tears (of happiness)

“Thursdays will never be the same,” wrote a user in the comments of one of the abundant tweets drama aficionados have written to commemorate the last episode of the super-hit drama serial, Mere Hamsafar.

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The 40-episode-long drama serial was loved, not only in Pakistan but has constantly trended in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and even India. With more than a Billion YouTube views, Mere Hamsafar is hands down one of the most successful dramas of 2022. It is mainly because of the beautiful yet unconventional storyline and the astoundingly talented actors, bringing their A-game on the sets.

Ended on a happy and satisfying note, the finale delineates Hala forgiving Shahjahan, asking Hamza to do the same as well, Roomi, having a proper Rukhsati with the one she loved, and Sameen finally having a closure with Khurrum and deciding to pursue higher studies abroad.

Following the premiere of the last episode, entertainment enthusiasts took to Twitter to talk about how do they feel about the finale, the entire story and their beloved #Halza. Let’s have a look at a few.

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