What are we? Barbarians? Asks Adnan Siddiqui

The veteran Adnan Siddiqui is unarguably an epitome of grace and humility while he is shooting and even when he is not. He is usually the first one to speak for social injustices and advocates uprightness through his social media.

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Recently, the Meray Paas Tum Ho star has taken to Instagram to take a strong stance against violence of all kinds. “What are we? Barbarians?” he asked.

He went on to explain, “Because we certainly don’t qualify to be called humans. You can’t be one if you don’t flinch even for a second while raining your power-driven, blinded-with-lust self on a woman and her minor daughter. Or if you rape a toddler and leave her to die. Or if you violate a woman in front of her children, scarring not just the survivor but the kids too for their entire life.”


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He talks about the miseries women of all ages; from just a toddler to an adult, to an old woman, go through in our society. He says, “We repeatedly fail women and children, and yet how naive of them to still repose their faith in us, the society, that we will bring about change, that we will take them to the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel! How disillusioned could they be to imagine a utopian world where they are safe—to roam around, to live, to exist, to breathe.”

Lastly, talking to the men who carry ill thoughts in their minds and the people who endorse and/or sit silently, he writes, “I think it’s time we upend their false beliefs and tell them that they have to fend for themselves, that if they have to survive amongst inhuman brutes, they should have nerves of steel, a heart that doesn’t bleed and a soul that is numb. Because we can’t guarantee them safety or dignity. My apology but you are on your own.”


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From Mukhtar Mai to Qandeel Baloch, women have not only been subjected to humiliation, victimization, and brutalization, they are also murdered in the name of honor. Be it 5-year-old Marwah in PIB Colony, Karachi, or an 86-year-old grandmother in Delhi, India, women of all ages are being physically assaulted on a daily basis across the world. Days after Marwah’s killing, a woman, accompanying her children was heinously brutalized when she stopped due to the fuel shortage on the motorway, near Lahore. Soon, abundant cases of similar horror started to report from across the country and the perpetrators are either on the loose or in custody, awaiting their fate, and the fate of abundant women to be written.

We pray and wish for women of Pakistan to somehow feel safe.

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