Aiman Khan’s Mayun photos are breathtaking!

All fans were over the moon as soon as they saw one of the gorgeous twins of the Pakistani media fraternity, Aiman Khan, getting engaged to the dapper, Muneeb Butt last year. People from all fragments of the society exhibited their love for the couple.

Last month, a grand Dholki ceremony has depicted magical oomph amid an abundance of glamour and grace galore. As Pakistanis started to get intrigued by the charm of DeepVeer, the bride, Aiman Khan, her sister, Minal Khan, and all her friends have celebrated an astonishing bridal shower oozing grandeur.

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Amid scenes of Utopia, the lovebirds have tied the nuptial knot in a simple Nikkah ceremony, followed by the groom’s Mayun ceremony.

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Last weekend, the couple has thrown a fabulous party entitled, “Let’s be filmy” where all the A-list celebs came, wearing dresses that portrayed them as actors and actresses from the 90s.

Sunday night, the absolutely stunning, Aiman Khan has had her Mayun ceremony and the photos being posted, will keep your eyes glued to the screens of your smart devices. The stunning bride, donned in a traditional gold Gharara, looks uber sleek as she poses for a few spectacular photos.

She has got pretty flowers in her hair. What a cutie!

And the veil over her head. In spite of being one of the highly successful actresses at such a young age, the bride chooses to stay rather Eastern by covering her head.

We’re certain, Muneeb will fall in love with this cutie all over again for this smile!

Subtle earrings, glass bangles, braided hair and an abundance of charm, these are all the constituents of a perfect bride.

Who do you think is the person who gets all her photos look like an unprecedented work of art? That’s hands down Aiman.

A bit of boomerang on every occasion is never a bad idea and we totally agree to that!

Aiman’s super-sister, Minal looks equally captivating in her yellow outfit and exquisite makeup.

Both the actresses look absolutely enchanting!

And the love they carry for each other can easily be deciphered by this photo.

Awww! We totally agree with this prop. Their love is not only unconditional, but it also gives us legit sibling goals!

These are arguably the world’s happiest parents at the moment.

All her fans would definitely get awestruck with this moment between mommy and her daughter.

Minal joins her mother and sister for a little photo shoot. What an adorable family!

And here’s the ebullient bride having a tremendous time with her buddies!

And now she stands with her siblings for a quick photoshoot.

All her friends have made sure to mark their presence in the Mayun.

Mayuns are all about songs and dances and here are a few glimpses from Aiman’s ceremonial Mayun.

This is unarguably an immensely emotional moment for a father and his daughter.

This little video of the bride crying after her dad’s hug is going to melt your heart for all the right reasons.

We cannot wait for the Mehndi, Rukhsati and Valima ceremonies of these lovebirds! More power to you, Aiman and Muneeb! We wish this couple a very beautiful life with an abundance of love and contentment galore.

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