In Photos: Aiman Khan’s Astounding Bridal Shower!

The time has almost come when the hashtag #DeepVeer will vanish because the hashtag #Aineeb is all set to make rounds across all social media platforms in all horizons of the world. Having started as just co-workers, the protagonists become friends, then best friends and ended up falling in love with each other. Aiman and Muneeb share a jaunty bond and they love they carry for each other is always evident through the photos they post on their social media accounts with gorgeous captions.

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Last month, the bride-to-be has celebrated her fabulous Dholki amid family members and close friends and the photos of that event have already given us all the feels. Just look at the amount of absolute majesty depicted through these photos.

Earlier today, the stunning bride-to-be has had her bridal shower with her equally stunning identical twin Minal Khan in the midst of a spectacular lush green garden.

Just look at the gorgeousness this venue is depicting! Does it not have the perfect arrangement?

All her fans would be awestruck with this little video clip of their favorite actress holding a beauteous bouquet of yellow and white flowers with an adorable child donned in pink.

Have a look at this one! She wears a splendid light gold gown on this bridal shower with her hair curled flamboyantly.

Just imagine Muneeb having a look at this photo of Aiman smiling. He will undoubtedly fall in love with his fiancé all over again.

The astounding, Minal Khan, clad in a deep green outfit helps her sister with the white sash having, ‘Bride To Be’ written on it with gold color.

Both these adorable sisters pose for the camera with ebullient smiles, delineating all the excitement they have in their hearts for the wedding.

Just look at the amount of love these sisters carry for each other! Aren’t they the cutest siblings ever!

Contentment is all we can decipher from these photos. Also, the grandeur in their outfits is beyond words could tell. Don’t believe us? Have a look at these wide shots yourself!

In spite of not being the bride, Minal doesn’t look any less gorgeous. She looks absolutely surreal in this gown with little braids in her hair done with an absolute mastery.

A bridal shower means some very close friends. All these girls pose with the bubbly bride to be.

A buoyant bride totally deserves a grand cake. Her friends and sister have made sure to bring the most succulent indigo cake and cupcakes for the bride to be. This photo is probably taken right before the cake cutting ceremony.

The dapper, Faysal Quraishi’s gorgeous daughter, Hanish Qureshi also puts up a photo with Aiman on her Instagram account with “best wishes.”

The immensely talented, Yashma Gill also marks her presence in the bridal shower and stands with Biya from Bay Dardi for photos, having props in her hand.

The guests’ list also includes pivotal fragments of the Pakistani fashion fraternity like Moomal Sheikh and Saboor Aly.

Well, we can’t wait for an official beginning of their ceremonial wedding events! We wish this couple a very gorgeous life with an abundance of love and contentment galore. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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