Is Aiman going to live a similar life as her mother in Pardes?

Zubaida once again does something for others without caring about herself and her children. She agrees to sell the house, her beloved husband had helped to buy while he lived in Pardes, away from the people he loved, skipping pivotal events of his life, including his son’s birth.

Aiman is angry and exhausted because of the selling of the house and because of her abrupt wedding with Ebad. After living a childhood filled with dejection and sacrifices, watching her mother suffer, Aiman seems to be living quite a similar life; her in-laws not being able to accept her as part of their family.

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Time and again Aiman’s mother-in-law expresses her love for Ebad to a point where it looks toxic. She even disapproved of living together for the newlyweds, making Ebad try to sneak into the room for something as simple as wishing morning or giving her a rose. His mother feels Aiman has come in between him and his bright future.

Moreover, Aiman’s in-laws bully and harass her time and again but she is not Zubaida who would keep her chin down, listening to all the slurs. Instead, she claps back with the equal or opposite reaction. In the recent episode when Ebad’s brother-in-law, Behzad tries to hold her hand, she furiously pulls her hand back and confronts him strongly.

However, how long will she continue to endure all the hatred she is getting at Ebad’s house? Will Ebad take a different course of action than Ahsan? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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