Pardes starts off on an exceptionally heartwarming note

Peeled paint on the walls, mediocre furniture, and a small house with many family members, ARY Digital’s newest visual delight Pardes is a beautifully woven story by Sarwat Nazir, of a lower-middle-class couple and their hardships throughout life. From exceptional shots to intricate details, Marina Khan has directed the drama with absolute mastery.

Ahsan, Zubi, and their daughter Aiman live with Ahsan’s mother, younger brother, and sister. The love Ahsan and Zubi share can easily be seen in almost every scene they are in.

Despite living a below-average life, engulfed in financial agony, Zubi is an optimistic wife who just needs the love of her spouse without demanding any material things. However, Ahsan’s mother, Mumtaz, is insisting that he should go abroad to earn a better livelihood for the family. She often compares their family with the families of men who had gone abroad for better opportunities.

Ahsan works in a factory at a low wage but he always makes sure to keep his daughter and better half happy with whatever he has got. However, as soon as he takes his daughter to a private hospital after she had fallen and injured her arm, he is stunned to see he could not even afford the bare minimum; something as essential as his daughter’s treatment. He then takes her to a charitable hospital and later decides to leave the country and the love of his life behind, in order to work so that she and Aiman could have a better, brighter future.

Little did he know Zubi will not be treated the same way she used to be treated in his presence. In spite of coming to know of Zubi’s pregnancy, Mumtaz still sends her to the kitchen, as if it is not good news for the household. That is not all, she is kept away from the telephone when her husband calls to speak to the family.

Away from home and unaware of the ordeal his wife and daughter are in, Ahsan is trying his best to send as much money as he can for the better future of his family. But will the money he sends benefit Zubi and Aiman in the long haul? How do you think will Pardes unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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