Mr. and Mrs. Muneeb Butt start their life amid infinite love!

After a plethora of fabulous ceremonial wedding events, Mr. and Mrs. Muneeb Butt have finally started their life with each other last evening. The event has taken place in a traditional way in Karachi with all the A-list celebs present in it.

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A few photos of the bride have made rounds on social media whilst being in the beauty parlor. And she looks gorgeous even without any jewelry.

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Rukhsati???? #dulhan

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Even Minal looks equally stunning, donned in a white traditional outfit.

And here it is, the grand venue for the Rukhsati ceremony of our beloved, Aineeb.

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Aiman’s Barat

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Here comes the groom with his buddies and family amid the Dhol beat and constant cheer and laughter.

Sheer excitement! It is evident by the faces of all these guests!

Yeah! Sprinkle wishes over the groom, and also some cash.

Ain’t he just a bit too adorable?

And the festivities begin as soon as he enters the venue.

The perfect “Awww” moment. After a warm hug, the sister-brother duo starts to walk down the aisle.

Celebrities or other people, a wedding is truly an emotional moment for the entire family. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself!

The stunning sister of the ebullient bride gives her hand to the groom. The bride climbs up the stage with her hand in Muneeb’s hand, depicting an unspoken promise to hold hands forever.

And then other rituals like the shoe hiding and milk sipping ceremonies take place amid a potpourri of laughter and joy.

The bride then gives away the remaining money to her sister, brothers and other bridesmaids.

Our favorite, Saboor Ali attends the event with the beautiful, Sara Ali.

And here she stands with the enchanting, Amar Khan.

The flamboyant actor who can also sing well, Junaid Khan and the veteran actress, Shagufta Aejaz become a part of this grand celebration.

Abdullah Kadwani and his better half also grace the event with their presence.

The dapper, Shahzad Sheikh looks exquisite, donned in grey.

The ravishing, Sadia Ghaffar, dressed in a red and yellow Saree, is probably one of the best things you will see all day.

The buoyant, Minal Khan carries her A-game throughout this grand affair.

If these are not the photo incorporating sibling goals, we don’t know what they incorporate of, anymore.

Aiman’s entire family is immensely graceful just like her.

A photo with the close ones is mandatory in every celebration. Do you agree?

Clad in a spectacular Sherwani, Muneeb looks surreal in every photo.

The jaunty, Aiman Khan looks super adorable in this overall array. She wears a heavily embroidered traditional outfit.

So Aineeb has officially become our favorite couple of the year and we couldn’t resist drooling over these cuties. Just look at them!

These adorable people have become the latest talk of the town for all the right reasons.

And here comes the most emotional ritual of the entire wedding, Rukhsati.

What an adorable sight, truly.

Albeit being immensely happy, every eye sheds a plethora of tears on her Rukhsati.

Muneeb is such a gentleman! Have a look at him helping his better half carry her dress to the car. And then they live happily ever after!

We wish Mr. and Mrs. Muneeb Butt a very gorgeous life ahead, with an abundance of love and contentment galore. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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