Sinf e Aahan OST, sang by “thousands” of girls in unison with Asim Azhar

Intoned by the surreal, Zeb Bangash and the powerhouse of talent, Asim Azhar, two versions of the OST have been released respectively. The song is composed and partially penned by Asim too.

Both songs feature the Sinf e Aahan girls, sprinkling enthusiasm and patriotism, and the singers as well. Let’s have a look.

Less than a week after it was released, Asim Azhar in a concert in Faislabad decided to sing the Sinf e Aahan song, and to his surprise, the audience, comprising mostly of girls, sang it with him in chorus.

He took to Instagram to post a video of such a delightful sight. He asked the audience that how could anyone learn a song by heart in just five days


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Earlier, the songster asked his fans about the part of Sinf e Aahan they liked the most.

Sinf e Aahan airs every Saturday at 8:00 PM.

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