Asim Azhar’s compilation of “Durood O’ Salam” will soothe you

Having garnered utmost fame for his immaculate singing capabilities, Asim Azhar went on to become one of the most heard/loved singers instantly. Albeit being an extensively popular young songster, Asim Azhar is an owner of a happy-go-lucky and ebullient personification. Be it some random people or the stars from the Pakistani media fraternity, he is capable of bringing smiles on the faces of all the people he meets.


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Just when all his fans were waiting impatiently about something from their favorite singer this Ramadan, Asim takes to social media to announce his new kalam, “Durood O’ Salam”. With surreal visuals, the kalam basically features a compilation of some of his favorite Durood O’ Salam that he grew up listening to from his grandmother and mother. He writes, “Presented to you with love of the Almighty and our Holy Prophet Sallallahou Alayhe Wasallam.


His stardom is not just confined to Pakistan, he is well-celebrated all around the globe, especially in countries like the US, UK, and a few Middle Eastern countries. Every year, he performs in variable concerts in Pakistan and at the top of it, he goes on a signing spree in different countries. The excitement and enthusiasm exhibited by the spectators in other countries are quite similar to that of his concerts in Pakistan.

Asim Azhar has always proved to be a kind-hearted person by supporting abundant social causes for the welfare of humanity. Also, the amount of love and admiration he carries for his mother is exceptional. He misses no opportunity to embrace his mother, the veteran actress Gul-e-Rana, who played a pivotal role in helping him garner the place on which he stands today.

Here’s wishing him the best in all his future endeavors.

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