Bulbulay team is taking proper precautions during shoot

Having started as a regular sitcom, Bulbulay went on to garner exceptional praise and love from all horizons of the world for its pristine storyline and out-of-the-box characterization of Nabeel, Khoobsurat, Mahmood Sahab and Momo. Each character had brought a variable, but fascinating energy to the show, making it an absolute hit.

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Bulbulay has truly been unrivaled in all these years it was broadcasted and months while it went off the air. No television channel has managed to bring something that could even come close to the stature Bulbulay has carried. The sitcom has not only transformed the Pakistani comedy scene but has also catered impactful messages with complete mastery in almost all its episodes.

In the wake of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak and partial lockdown of the entire world, team Bulbulay is making sure to provide an uninterrupted flow of entertainment to the masses while they practice social distancing as directed by both provincial and federal governments.

The extremely Khoobsurat, Ayesha Omar just took to Instagram to post a photo and a video delineating precautions and absolute hygiene amid the cast and crew during the shoot. “Daily temperature check at #bulbulay,” she wrote, “Mine is 97.7 at the moment.”

Talking about the shooting schedule, she said, “We should all engage in health checks every day and take as many precautions as we can. Will be posting more BTS from the shoot soon. Nabeel checks everyone’s temperature every morning. I’m constantly disinfecting surfaces and doorknobs all day and making everyone wash their hands as frequently as possible.”

More power to you Ayesha!

We are certain, people will follow her steps. Are you taking proper precautions? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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