Baby Baji: Wasif is finally married. But what’s next?

The 27th episode of Baby Baji is nothing less than a sigh of relief for the people who were pretty upset about Wasif’s treatment by Rameen’s father. Imagine being abducted by the police for something you have nothing to do with, and that too, a day before your wedding. Wasif cries his heart out the entire night, filled with agony, helplessness, and regret.

Mind you, the latest episode of Baby Baji discusses something significant in a subtle way. Wasif is in jail because of Rameen’s influential father. The storyline emphasizes that you can only overpower an influential person through the law by introducing an equally or more effective person. In Wasif’s case, his father and Jamal bring the President of the Trade Union to overturn his illegal imprisonment.

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Wasif returns, the Baraat goes to bring Farhat home, and everyone is smiling and living in the moment. However, Rameen meets a brutal accident on her way to the wedding venue. She couldn’t stop the wedding, nor could she stop her car from colliding with another vehicle.

Azra never wanted to bring Farhat home as Wasif’s wife. She has been critical of Baby Baji’s choice and even Farhat’s family members. How do you think Azra will react to Farhat’s arrival as the new and equally important family member? Will Wasif and Farhat have a life of togetherness filled with contentment? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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