Baby Mirza Malik’s birth is perhaps the best news you will read all day!

The powerful couple of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik is unarguably one of the most celebrated couples in the entire sub-continent. The cricketing superstar and the international tennis player have tied the nuptial knot in 2010, followed by a plethora of consistent love and cuteness galore through their Twitter and Instagram exchanges.

One of the many amazing things that make these cuties different from other power couples is their extensive admiration for each other.  Albeit being away for their respective games, they never miss a chance to sprinkle their infinite amount of love over one another.

Months back, both these cuties have posted the same photo on their official Twitter accounts, revealing that they are going to be parents soon. Their posts have accumulated extraordinary love from their friends and followers, for all the right reasons.

Sania Mirza has posted a few photos of her baby bump with absolutely gorgeous quotes, showing her family and friends that she is already looking forward to this entire motherhood thing. She looks beautiful even with a lesser amount of makeup.

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Two days back, the dapper, Shoaib Malik has broken the record of most T-20 catches and today, he has announced another astounding news for the entire Pakistani and Indian populace, if not the whole world. He takes it to his official social media platforms to reveal the news of his baby boy. He writes, “Excited to announce: Its a boy, and my girl is doing great and keeping strong as usual #Alhumdulilah. Thank you for the wishes and Duas, we are humbled.”

As soon as he reveals the news, the baby boy’s maternal aunt and Sania Mirza’s younger sister, Anam Mirza takes her excitement to Instagram.

Well, a boomerang on the special occasion is never a bad idea. Anam uploads a boomerang as her Instagram story to show the intensity of contentment she and daddy Shoaib carry in their hearts.

Not only the baby’s Khala, his grandfather, Imran Mirza also posts a photo on his Instagram account to express his love for the baby and his parents. What a graceful grandfather!

As soon as the news of this cutie divulged, all the A-list celebrities have started congratulating the parents with an abundance of best wishes and prayers galore.

Just like all other Pakistanis and Indians, we are also super-excited to have a glimpse of this cutie pie! What are your views on this amazing story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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