Farhana’s evil scheme may just be starting to come to fruition in Bandish 2

Humaira and her children are back in their hometown in Bandish 2. The dystopian house is in a very untidy condition. However, the family cleans the house together. The family looks pretty bubbly and jubilant, but a person does not want to see the family like that.

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Farhana knows Humaira is back with her family. She tries to ask for Humaira’s younger daughter’s hand for her son. After facing strong opposition from Humaira’s son, Sameer, she embarks on Plan B. She goes to a black magician or a conjurer to fulfill her wishes. He claims he will make sure everything goes according to the plan.

Upon arrival at Humaira’s house, Farhana finds out the potential in-laws of Humaira’s elder daughter are coming to finalize the wedding date. All hell breaks loose on the talk about Haq Mehr, and the potential in-laws are pushed out of the house by Humaira and Sameer, which means the elder daughter will not get married to the person she thought she would get married to.

That’s not all. Sameer’s daughter also sees personless footprints on the floor but nobody believes her. Farhana’s bad intentions have just come to life. What do you think will happen next in Bandish 2? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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