Beti’s intense teasers will give you all the feels!

Continuing its legacy of shedding light on ample taboo topics, ARY Digital has come up with another unprecedented drama that will certainly sweep the audiences off their feet for its flamboyant storyline, powerful dialogues and a few A-list artistes in its ensemble cast. ‘Beti’ touches upon a topic that has never been brought in the mainstream this overtly.

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According to Islam, daughters are blessings for their parents but in the extensively patriarchal society of Pakistan, they are mostly considered as a source of immense burden for no reason at all. The killing of daughters is an age-old concept, usually carried out by the illiterate populace in the past, for their legacy to continue.

The practice is still intact in our society but the parameters have changed. Now, the daughters endure pain throughout their lives, in lieu of suffering a quick pang at the time of their death. The daughters are oppressed till their marriage by their parents so that they can have freedom after they get married but then, their freedom is tarnished by the restrictions from their in-laws for the rest of their lives.

As we can notice from the existing trailers and teasers, Beti revolves around a similar family which claims daughters to be the form of a jinx for them. Apparently, the family incorporates parents that are strongly against the birth of daughters. Unfortunately, their daughter-in-law gives birth to a girl and it occurs as the start of a consistent misery for her and the newborn.

Another teaser depicts a different woman asking people whether they need a daughter while being on a stretcher, apparently going towards the operation theatre. The same woman comes near her newborn to recite Adhan and then turns off the switch, apparently killing her child because she might know the amount of affliction the child will face.

As soon as the teasers and trailers started to make rounds on the social media, top-notch celebrities have come forward to share their valuable feedback on ARY Digital’s initiative to break yet another stereotype through Beti.

This potpourri of immense agony and a plethora of emotions is all set to send chills down your spine from Tuesday, 11th December at 8:00 PM, only on ARY Digital.

What are your views about the drama? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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