Bewafa | A tale of love, getaway and betrayal

Bewafa depicts how a relationship can fall apart because of a wife’s extremely possessive and distrusting nature which drives the husband to do exactly what the wife fears the most.

Navin Waqar as Kinza is married to Ahaan, and her life revolves around him and their son. She has an extremely controlling and dominating nature.

Ali Rehman Khan as Ahaan is a successful IT professional, but his personal life is far from perfect. He loves his family but is fed up of his wife’s suspicious nature.

Ushna Shah as Shireen is a cunning and ambitious woman. She works in Ahaan’s office. Born into poverty, she wants to change her lifestyle by any means possible.

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Kinza and Ahaan who once loved each other a lot have now become distant because of Kinza’s personality.

Abdul Muqeet as Hashir is the son of Ahaan and Kinza.

Shireen takes advantage of Ahaan’s vulnerable state by comforting him and he starts to develop an interest in Shireen.

Shehryar Zaidi as Rafiq and Sajida Syed as Mehwish are the parents of Shireen. Mehwish is a greedy woman who always supports Shireen’s wrongdoings.

Maira Khan as Sharmeen and Daniyal Qureshi as Zeeshan are the sister and brother of Shireen. Their nature is similar to their sister.

Laila Zuberi as Farhat is Ahaan’s mother. She supports her daughter-in-law Kinza throughout and stands against her son Ahaan when Shireen comes into his life.

Written By: Radain Shah

Directed By: Aabis Raza


  • Ushna Shah
  • Ali Rehman Khan
  • Naveen Waqar
  • Laila Zuberi
  • Shehryar Zaidi
  • Sajida Syed
  • Maira Khan
  • Abdul Muqeet
  • Daniyal Qureshi

Bewafa, delineating the breakage of a pivotal relation due to an egoistic mistake is starting from the 16th of September. Spectators can watch the drama every Monday from 8:00-10:00 PM only on ARY Digital.

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