Public, celebrities laud ‘Baaji’ for all the right reasons

The revival of Pakistani cinema has given us many flamboyant movies on immensely important and diverse topics. However, these topics are starting to become conventional as well. In order to fathom how things really work in the Lollywood fraternity, it is important to witness the industry closely and Saqib Malik has taken this responsibility in his own hands with his latest venture ‘Baaji’ which has a pristine yet essential topic.

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Presenting Meera Jee as Shameera, Baaji delves into the life of an aging actress who is time and again reminded by her close associates that her era has ended but she thinks otherwise. She leaves no stones unturned to stay in the limelight with a consistent fear of drowning or becoming a part of the past. The movie also sheds light on other aspects of how classic Lollywood used to be.

BaajiThe movie also stars Amna Ilyas aka Neha as a masseuse in a beauty parlor, Mohsin Abbas Haider aka Ajji, who aspires to become a successful actor and is in love with Neha, Ali Kazmi aka Rammy, who is in a relationship with Shameera and Osman Khalid Butt aka Rohail Khan, a foreign director, seeking for a “classic” Pakistani face for his next movie. Baaji has legendary Nisho Begum and Nayyar Ejaz in important characters with a bunch of surprise appearances by various A-list celebrities. Apart from the flamboyant ensemble cast, the movie exhibits a powerful storyline with some exquisite cinematography, surreal music, and adroit choreography.

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Soon after the release, Baaji has started garnering exceptional praise from the general public, celebrities and critiques alike. People are calling Meera an undisputed legend for her outstanding portrayal of Shameera with her return in the Lollywood industry.

Twitter had been flooded with an instant outpour of love and praise even from overseas soon after Baaji’s release.

Fans, journalists and celebrities are appreciating Saqib Malik for such a direction, along with the acting of other celebrities, making Baaji ooze charm and grandeur.

Fashion designer Nomi Ansari calls Baaji the “True essence of Lollywood” and the legendary Samina Peerzada wishes luck to the team behind Baaji.

Osman Khalid Butt’s brother Omar Khalid Butt puts a photo of his group including the dapper Imran Abbas, shedding light on the environment of the cinema they went to.

Helmed by Saqib Malik and written by Irfan Ahmed Urfi, Baaji is running to packed cinemas across Pakistan. What about Baaji excites you the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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