Celebrities Stand Up For Saba Qamar After Her Photo Went Viral

In Pakistan, the celebrities are highly vulnerable to massive bashing and criticism for ample reasons that are not even worthy to be considered. It is not long ago when the well-acclaimed, Mahira Khan became a victim of inhumane criticism for a photo that has been taken without her consent.

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Likewise, the pride of Pakistan, Saba Qamar has recently become a victim of harrowing cyberbullying for a set of photos without her consent. All hell has broken loose with the photo of Saba, standing casually in the midst of a shoot apparently, donned in a white shirt and grey coat.

In spite of being vocal on abundant social issues, the diva has chosen to stay quiet on the flood of backlash, her recent photographs received. She has been ferociously dragged into vile memes and posts but she has set an example of tolerance by staying silent.

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When, on one hand, Saba is wordless, her fellow celebrities are coming forward to support the Hindi Medium superstar through their social media posts. The well-celebrated thespian, Adnan Siddiqui puts his feelings into words and writes, “Came through what’s being called BTS images of my colleague and a friend #SabaQamar’s recently done photoshoot which is spreading on social media like wildfire, I’m deeply saddened by this act, this is not us and we shouldn’t take pride in it in any manner!” This post delineates that the person to leak these photos is from the fashion fraternity of Pakistan as Adnan further writes, “I totally condemn this and wouldn’t want to highlight the name of a man behind it but I’m not going to work for with him or anything associated with him ever!”

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Another A-list celeb, Aijaz Aslam explains that the photos have been a part of the BTS video. He says, “Today I feel sad that a colleague and one of the finest actor of Pakistan is being exploited by someone for a cheap publicity stunt … it was just a simple BTS ( behind the scene) vdo during a photo shoot from which the screen shots were taken and made viral on social media … its disgusting that people can go upto any extent for cheap publicity… saba you are a superstar and don’t let these haters demotivate you.”

The heartthrob, Osman Khalid Butt has shared a photo of the starlet on his Instagram account with a rather displeased description. He talks about the rhetoric of blaming women for almost everything in the entire country. He writes, “Just heard about the all-too-familiar misogynistic, repulsive rhetoric that’s swept the nation once BTS pictures from Saba’s photoshoot were leaked (WITHOUT her consent). For the love of God, stop looking for every excuse to drag your icons down.” The dapper, Osman, further requests all his fans and followers to, “STOP sharing these images/videos and stop commenting on them. If you want to speak out, speak out against the jahalat of whoever did this just for social media infamy.”

We are certain that this too will pass but the amount of hatred in the minds of Pakistanis for our people is alarming. When the entire world is progressing, why are we still standing in the same place, exhibiting intolerance and hysteria on every possible thing making it a national issue?

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