Coke Studio 11: Episode 2, When EDM Meets Sufi

It is not long ago when the 11th installment of the well-celebrated Coke studio released its first episode oozing infinite charm and grandeur. All four songs have ignited just the right amount of enthusiasm in the hearts of all the spectators, making it a phenomenal affair. The entire episode has been a plethora of diversity from the rap song to the song delineating women empowerment.

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Coke Studio has just released its second episode and it seems as spectacular as the first one. The episode carries some of the most talented, national and international singers, making it an unwavering hit.

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The first song of the episode delineates the EDM sensation, Krewella, taking the Coke Studio stage for the very first time along with the rusting vocals of the legendary Riaz Qadri and Ghulam Ali Qadri for ‘Runaway’. Their vocal harmony, combined with a driving Dholak groove and soulful Sarangi is what makes Runaway a tasteful fusion. From the upbeat music to the flamboyant vocals, this song has been a true juxtaposition of contemporary rhythm and traditional upper-scale vocals. You will hear the well-acclaimed, Krewella sing in a Pakistani language for the first time in Runaway.

Taking Sufi Poetry to a whole new level, ‘Gaddiye’, by the veteran singer, Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi and the owner of a powerful voice, Asrar, is a high-energy modern folk classic with lyrics that cater truths about love, separation, and reunion in an unprecedented way. The blend of electronic guitar and Dholak beat has made this song look and sound phenomenal.

The evergreen Pashtu song, ‘Rasha Mama’ comes to Coke Studio with the surreal voice of the gorgeous Gul Panra and the immensely talented, Khumariyaan, the boys that took Pashto music to the mainstream, along with the legendary, Zarsanga. Rasha Mama composes a percussion-driven track with Rabab, Dholak, and Guitars as Zarsanga sings effortlessly through one of her well-loved folk songs with the soft and magical voice of Gul Panra and Khumariyaan’s majestic music.

Undisputedly, the most awaited song of the entire episode, ‘Ghoom Charakhra’, comprising both the legendary singers, Abida Parveen and Ali Azmat, enthralling to make it a definite success. Ghoom Charakhra delineates the Sufi music legend Abida Parveen and the Sufi rock powerhouse Ali Azmat join forces for the first time on the Coke Studio stage to create their rendition of Ghoom Charakhra. This delight is arguably one of the songs you will never get bored of. For, it depicts a perfect script, intoned by the best our country possesses.

We can’t stop listening to all these songs again and again for all the right reasons. Krewella, Ataullah Khan Esakhelvi, Abida Parveen, Ali Azmat and Zarsanga make this episode of Coke Studio Season 11, unforgettable and unmatched. Can’t wait for the next episode to bring some more magic our way.

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