We bet you have met all these people during Ramadan

The first Ashra of the holy month of Ramadan has just ended and Muslims across the universe are celebrating the month with zeal and steadfastness.

Apart from fasting, Muslims often perform Namaz and recite the Holy Quran to cultivate maximum blessings during the month. Moreover, many help others because the month of Ramadan is not just for staying away from food and drinks, but also from negativity. It enables a Muslim to self-cleanse and ponder on positivity.

You may meet a variety of people in Ramadan and we have prepared a list of what kind of people do you meet. You could also be one of these below-mentioned people.

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1. Firstly, this set people will not just wake up for Sehri most of the days. Mothers often prepare Sehris and keep trying to wake them up all this while.

2. And then there are people who get up in Sehri but are still in their sleep while having food.

3. Some people become very religious out of the blue during Ramadan. They suddenly start judging everything on the scale of Halaal and Haraam.

4. People who sleep soon after Sehri, only to get up a few minutes before Iftaar.

5. Versus the people who only wish they could sleep and/or rest all day but they do not.

6. Immensely dramatic people who often claim that they are dying of thirst or hunger every day before Iftaar.

7. The people who are confused whether they should break their fast with the siren of the nearby Masjid, Azaan or the television.

8. In spite of hardly knowing what time is Maghrib throughout the year, few people know exact Maghrib timings during the month of Ramadan.

9. The people who would eat literally everything present on the table and bloat themselves.

10. And lastly, people who will ask everyone every day if they are fasting or not. This sort of people is really hard to handle.

With all this being said, we pray may we fulfill all our religious and social obligations with health, happiness, and contentment galore.

Who in all these sorts of people are you? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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