Ehsaan Faramosh | Envy; one’s biggest enemy

Ehsaan Faramosh is a story that talks about how jealousy and envy can destroy the most precious things in your life and the people around you.

Humayun Ashraf as Kabeer, is a well-behaved restaurant owner that is family oriented and does everything in his capability to keep his family happy.

Momina Iqbal as Falak, is Kabeer’s wife. She is a self-centered girl, who is raised by her father’s boss. She wants everything to go her way, even if it hurts people around her.

Mashal Khan as Nawal, is a sweet and simple girl born in an upper-middle-class household. All she wants from her life is good things for her family.

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Salman Saeed as Hamza, is a handsome individual from an upper-class family who is humble but gets side-tracked as the story plays along.

Sometimes you find what you always wanted, but you don’t realize its worth…Until you lose it…But love finds its way to heart; If it’s true to itself…

Directed By: Syed Faisal Bukhari

Written By: Tahir Nazeer


  • Momina Iqbal
  • Humayun Ashraf
  • Mashal Khan
  • Salman Saeed
  • Dania Enwar
  • Atiqa Odho
  • Humaira Asghar
  • Zafar Mehmood
  • Sadaf Ahsan
  • Jawaid Iqbal
  • Rohi Ghazali

Starting on Monday 8th August, Ehsaan Faramosh will air every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM, on ARY Digital.

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