Eqbal Mehdi’s Art Exhibition For A Greater Cause

Hotel Marriott, in Karachi, was shimmering with exceptional pieces of art depicting absolute mastery on the 4th and 5th of September. The art exhibition was organized by the renown, Hashoo Group, in order to pay homage to the epitome of talent, the recipient of the prestigious Pride of Performance award, Eqbal Mehdi.

Eqbal MehdiAbundant art enthusiasts have come under one roof to exhibit sheer joy, celebrating the flamboyant work, done by Late Master Eqbal Mehdi. One of the many spectators has shared her views about this event. She says, “I’m deeply moved by the level of originality in these paintings. These are not just paintings, they are as expressive as entire novels, having a depth along with apt detailing.” The attendees have not only praised Eqbal’s artwork, they also talked about the idea of coming up with the exhibition, at length.

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Having inaugurated by none other than the living legend, Anwar Maqsood himself, the exhibition garnered guests from all corners of the country. The people who have graced the event with their presence were not confined to a particular age group or class, the event has accumulated attendees without any barriers or filters.

Eqbal MehdiAlbeit incorporating Pakistan’s big guns, the showcase was much more than that. We spoke to the Head Of Hashoo Art and Antiques, Syed Sharafat Hussain, asking him the reason for this extravaganza. He replied, “All the amount garnered from the sales of these masterpieces will be accommodated for the schools for poverty-stricken children in the Northern Areas and the Cholistan Desert. With a slogan which says, ‘Spreading smiles to miles’, we plan to not only provide academic education to these children, various skills will also be taught with the help of immensely talented teachers with a passion for philanthropy.”

The marketing and communication manager of the group, Laila Farah Naz has emphasized on the brilliant work of the maestro, Eqbal Mehdi. She says, “Eqbal worked excessively to demonstrate the vibrancy of our culture. The paintings he made speak volumes about our heritage and history.” She went on to say, “Fine arts’ students are usually taught about international artists, with little information about the exquisite talent Pakistan always had. I think it is the high time when we teach our students about commendable artists like Sadequain, Eqbal Mehdi, Abdur Rahman Chugtai, etc.”

The juxtaposition of majesty and austerity unveils Pakistan and the people living within its boundaries, with an ace. Have a look at some of the ultimately powerful paintings Eqbal made.

Eqbal MehdiEqbal MehdiEqbal MehdiEqbal MehdiEqbal MehdiEqbal MehdiEqbal MehdiEqbal Mehdi

We are certain, that this generous act of facilitating the Pakistani talent by preserving the historical artwork and auctioning it for a greater cause, led by Sadruddin Hashwani and his group, will be followed by other torchbearers in the near future.

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