In Photos: Faizan And Maham Start Their Life In Style!

Known for his impactful acting, Faizan Shaikh went on to garner infinite praise for all the right reasons. On the other hand, his better half, Maham Aamir also brings her stellar skills to the shows, getting them loved by many. Both these protagonists have tied the knot last year, amidst close friends and family members.

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After a fun-filled Mehndi, the Baraat has proved to be an outstanding affair, with all the A-list celebs under one roof. But first, let’s have a look at this photo of the cutest, Maham Aamir.

Here’s how the Baraat arrived with little kids and colorful outfits.

He comes to the stage and sits, waiting for his gorgeous better half to show up.

What a grand entry for the bride! Hands down gorgeous!

Awww! Look at these adorable humans!

The couple poses for the entire team of photographers.

A Bit of Boomerang-ing is never a bad idea. Maham make fun poses for the Boomerangs along with her hubby apparently having no clue about them.

Seems like he, now has the clue that a Boomerang is being recorded.

Coming to the guest list, Faizan’s best friends give their mandatory appearance.

The selfie game during weddings should be strong too.

These Tareen girls have surely stolen the limelight with their arrival on the stage. Hira and Zara look surreal as always, donned in trendy attires.

Lastly, the photo that will captivate your sense to see for a while. These people are unarguably extremely cute.

The bride being drop-dead gorgeous while the groom being absolutely dapper.

You will fall in love with them after watching these two photos.

Sibling love is one of the purest forms of love and this photo of Rabya Kulsoom Rehan hugging her brother, Faizan proves the above statement right.

The reception evening starts off with this make-up video of the bride getting viral.

Green outfit, subtle jewelry, pretty face, these are hands down all the constituents necessary for a perfect bride to have.

Hold your horses ladies, the groom is here to slay!

What an astounding sight! These cuties enter the venue with parents.

We can’t help swooning over the magic they are creating.

The couple poses for the family, looking uber cute.

Ayeza, Danish, Maria and other constituents of the fraternity mark their presence on the occasion of Faizan and Maham’s Valima reception.

The newlyweds pose with their best friends for a couple of photos. What a delight to see all these top-notch celebs together!

Ayaz Samoo being himself in the midst of photos as well.

The suave, Naveed Raza captions this photo as, “Beautiful end to blessed wedding. @ayazsamoo is busy staring gals I believe LOL.”

Innocence, decency, elegance, all these words accurately define this photo of the bride.

Have a look at the charm these cuties are sprinkling through this photo, on the occasion of their Valima reception.

We wish the couple a very gorgeous life ahead, with loads of love and happiness galore. What are your views on this story? Have your say in the comments section below.

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