Fans praise Dananeer Mobeen aka Syeda Sidra for her exceptional acting in Sinf e Aahan

Three episodes of Sinf e Aahan have premiered and all of them are trending in the top five on YouTube across Pakistan. It is mainly due to the exceptionally talented actors and a very intriguing storyline.

In the third episode, all five girls have reached the ISSB Examination Center. They are joined by a bunch of other candidates, including the debutant, Dananeer Mobeen, playing the super-bubbly character of Syeda Sidra in the drama.

As the episode started Saturday night, fans and drama enthusiasts took to Twitter to praise the cast and the team. Apart from the usual appreciation, many people wrote about Dananeer and her flawless portrayal of a positive and chirpy girl with loads of dreams, aka, Syeda Sidra.

A few fans loved Syeda Sidra, while the others pointed out similarities between them and her.

How do you think will Sinf e Aahan unfold? Are you also rooting for this Arzoo-Sidra bonding? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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