Fans choose their favorites in Sinf e Aahan

Two episodes of the current talk of the town, Sinf e Aahan have been premiered so far and people from all walks of life, across the world, are admiring the drama for all the right reasons. Episode 2 is trending at the top across Pakistan, while the first episode is trending at the second number on YouTube.

Sinf e Aahan has all the constituents of becoming the best Pakistani drama of all time due to an exceptional storyline, extremely talented actors in the ensemble cast, powerful script, and the best direction. Drama aficionados are praising the visual delight for its unique, light-hearted, women-centric plot.

Apart from all the lead female characters, fans have also formed opinions about the male characters of the show. A few male characters are being loved, while a few are being hated, for the qualities they possess and we have saved a bunch of tweets to show how the audiences feel about these men.

People love to hate Arzoo Daniel’s toxic beau Noraiz for all the right reasons. Apart from cheating, he is constantly discouraging Arzoo, and people legit hate him for that.

However, albeit belonging to a Pashtun family, Shaista Khanzada is fully supported by her fiance Kamil. He not only gives a surprising entry in the show, but he also wins innumerable hearts for supporting Shaista to pursue her dream.

Likewise, Rabia Safeer’s brother, Captain Daniyal is so supportive that he actually argued with the parents to make sure she goes for the examination. People are praising Daniyal because he has highlighted one of the major issues Pakistani girls face.

Moreover, Pariwesh Jamal’s father is also excessively admired due to the love he has for his daughter and the progressiveness he possesses despite living in a remote area. From sending her to a school to summing up money for her army test, he has proved to be the best father anyone could have.

Which character did you like the most and why? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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