Here’s why drama aficionados are calling Pardes a “Masterpiece”

In the super-emotional and intriguing finale of Pardes, just when Aiman realized she could compromise for Ebad’s contentment and she regretted not being able to realize it earlier, she is astonished to see that Ebad had also realized that no matter how much you earn, family is the most important thing in anybody’s life and no luxury can replace it.

Soon after the last episode, fans instantly took to social media to express their happiness and satisfaction, and to appreciate the makers of Pardes for giving it a conclusion it deserved.

People claim Pardes “The Best Pakistani Drama” for all the right reasons.

Many fans confessed they got all emotional watching the final episode of the show.

Mondays will certainly be different now.

While many drama aficionados admired Dur-e-Fishan and Affan Waheed for their impeccable acting skills and their effortless chemistry.

Director Marina Khan and actors Shaista Lodhi and Dur-e-Fishan took to Social media to pen endearing notes to bid adieu to the spectacular project we call Pardes.


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What was your favorite moment from Pardes? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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