Maya and Tabrez (Shajji) under one roof in Fraud?

Episode 25 of the hit drama serial Fraud has just premiered Saturday evening and it showed Maya, finally getting married to Shan. However, that’s not the most surprising part. The absolutely astonishing part of the episodes is how Shajji aka Tabraiz and Maya are literally living under one roof without having any idea of each other’s presence.

Maya agrees just to see her parents happy and Shan agrees because of the upbringing of her daughter. Both the newlyweds seem pretty uninterested to be together due to their lack of feelings for each other.

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On the other hand, Shajji convinced Tooba and her family members that he has lost the case and had nowhere to go, only to find his permanent place in Shan’s house. Sure, his mother-in-law sort of knows his truth, but she knows they both have similar ambitions, so she tones it down with Shajji, and asks him to first help himself get his share of the wealth, followed by helping her do the same.

The trailer for the 26th episode shows Maya and the conman (Tabrez, Shajji, whatever you want to call him), finally coming face to face in front of Shan and Tooba.

How do you think will Fraud unfold? Do you think Maya will have a quick reaction to the situation or will she look for a perfect moment to strike? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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